Thursday, October 17, 2019


How to Bet


Step 1:


Register in at the bottom left of the page and Log In


Step 2:


Make a USD 10 Deposit


Step 3:


Make your Bet with the next format in the "Contact us/Bet" module at the bottom center of the page.


Username + Amonut + Bet




UFC 219 Holly Holm vs Chris Cyborg

Bet: george24 + USD 2,50 + Holly Holm


The user george24 is betting USD 2,50 to Holly Holm.



The user george24 write in the Contact us/Bet module at the bottom center of the page and send.


If case of Win he gonna be paid his bet x 4. In this case USD 10.




1 - All the winning bets will be paid via Paypal 3 days after the fight

2 - The Top Bet is USD 5 (for now)

3 - In case of Draw or Fight Cancel all the bets will be refund.

4 - Any question write us in the "Contact us/Bet" module.

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